Third party Reproduction

Giving wings to your dreams

Third-Party Reproduction or donor-assisted reproduction allows every couple to experience the joy of having a family. Eva Care holds your hand through the process of your family building journey.

Before we begin, let us understand the types of third party reproduction and assess
your requirement and choices

Why Donor Eggs?

  1. Menopause
  2. Advanced maternal age
  3. Decreased/Diminished ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure
  4. Congenital/Surgical absence of ovaries
  5. Potential carrier of a genetic disease
  6. Multiple IVF failure 
  7. Same-sex male couple

Why Donor Sperm?

  1. Absence of sperm
  2. Failure/non-affordability of surgical sperm retrieval 
  3. Single Mother
  4. Same-sex female couple

Why Surrogate?

  1. Absent uterus (congenital absence or prior hysterectomy)
  2. Severe uterine factor infertility
  3. Recurrent miscarriages 
  4. Repeated implantation failure/ IVF failures
  5. Medical conditions that preclude safely carrying a pregnancy (cardiac, pulmonary or renal disease)
  6. Same-sex male couple/ transgender 

Who is my donor?

Donor eggs are taken from the females who chose to donate their eggs- from the ART banks. 

Your donor will be chosen by your treating doctor, keeping in mind the following criteria and steps of screening :

  1. Suitability of age
  2. Phenotype matching 
  3. Blood group matching
  4. Disease screening for Hepatitis B,C HIV, Syphilis, Thalassaemia along with other basic investigations


As per the ART LAW, donor will be anonymous and unrelated to the patient.


At Eva Care, under the guidance of Doctor Aradhna, we are committed to procuring the highest quality donation as per your requirement. 

Process of third party reproduction
Step 1
Assessment and Stimulation ( Day 2- 14 )

The female ( the donor, in case of egg donor reproduction ) will undergo a vaginal ultrasound for assessment of the current ovarian egg reserve. Following the fertility review, we begin with the ovarian stimulation process. Hormone injections are self administered for 10-12 days from the 2nd day of the cycle, to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

Step 2
Egg Retrieval and Semen Preparation ( Day 14 )

The next step is to aspirate the eggs under anaesthetic using vaginal ultrasound. This is a minor procedure done under daycare and does not restrict any normal activities.

Step 3
Fertilization and culture of eggs ( Day 14-19 )

Typically, on the same day as the egg retrieval, the eggs are fertilized with the semen of the male partner / semen donor.

Step 4
Embryo Transfer (Day 19)

After around 3-5 days of the egg retrieval process, the highest quality embryos(blastocyst) is/are placed into the uterus of the female partner ( or surrogate in cases of medical inability of the mother to carry the child in her womb ) This is a painless process and does not require bed rest. 

Step 5
Pregnancy Test (2 weeks after embryo transfer i.e 31-34th day)

The final step in the process is to check the development of the embryo into a fetus. This is done by a blood test approximately 2 weeks after the embryo transfer.

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